Spot Attack Silver Calming Mask - Tages- & Nacht Intensiv Hautpflege Toner [Anti-Pickel ; Anti-Hautunreinheiten]

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Spot Attack Silver Calming Mask
Day & Night Intensive Skin Care Toner Content: 200 ml
Item number: 13301-200
Features: Anti-pimple, anti-pimple, anti-pimple Silver-calming mask with anti-pollution effect and high-quality active ingredients for a new skin balance. Adessa spot attack reliably absorbs impurities. Superficial environmental influences of modern life are alleviated and irritated, reddened skin is soothed.
Adessa spot attack supports the skin in..

This cosmetic product of Adessa was analyzed on 2019-10-21 by member loppy66.