Lavera Naturkosmetik

3in1 Reinigung - Peeling - Maske Bio-Minze, Kieselerde & Salizylsäure Für Unreine Haut

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3 in 1 cleansing - peeling - mask organic mint, silica & salicylic acid for impure skin (125ml) Organic with plant ingredients from our own production - Without microplastic peeling body Cleanses pores deep, fights pimples 3-fold effective The lavera 3in1 cleansing, peeling and mask with organic mint and silica cleanses impure skin deep into the pores, regulates sebum production and thus prevents skin shine. Natural salicylic acid from willow bark extract makes pimples disappear.

This cosmetic product of Lavera Naturkosmetik was analyzed on 2019-09-15 by member loppy66.