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Confidentiality of user data

The user is obliged to keep his access data secret. A passing on of the access data to third parties is forbidden. The access data may only be used by the user himself. In case of misuse of the access data by a third party, the user is liable for the damage. This liability is valid until the user has informed Cosmetic Analysis Establishment of the misuse. In the event of misuse or suspected misuse, Cosmetic Analysis Establishment is entitled to block access immediately. The claim for damages against the user is not affected by this.


For the completeness, correctness and topicality of the information and documents published on these web pages no guarantee or liability is taken over. The respective author is responsible for contributions that are identified by name. In particular with regard to the legal texts published on these web pages, attention is drawn to the following: In the case of legal acts of the European Union, the following applies: only the paper versions of the Official Journal of the European Union are legally binding. In the case of laws and regulations of the respective countries or sub-regions, the following applies: Only the paper version of the laws and regulations of the respective countries or sub-regions contain the official and thus legally binding version.

The links to third party websites provided on these web pages are merely intended to provide access to external content. The Cosmetic Analysis Establishment has no influence on the design and content of these linked pages and does not adopt the content of these pages as its own. This declaration applies to all links on these web pages and to all contents of the pages to which links or banners lead. The user of these web pages is requested to pass on to Cosmetic Analysis Establishment any possible information about faulty or illegal pages of third parties to which there are links from these web pages.

No liability is accepted for damage caused by calling up or downloading files or data placed on these web pages. Texts, pictures, illustrations of a scientific or technical nature and the collective works and database works placed on these web pages are protected by copyright.


All information and databases are protected by copyright. Reprints, copies, microfilms or recordings in electronic media, in particular the integration in another internet offer - also in extracts - is only permitted with the written permission of Cosmetic Analysis Establishment Eschen. If this permission is given, all contents of this internet presence are only to be published or passed on to third parties with reference to the source Cosmetic Analysis Establishment, Eschen, {year}: {document title}, {URL}, {date}.

Notes on quoting from Cosmetic Analysis

The Cosmetic Analysis Establishment permits the transfer of texts into data files which are intended exclusively for the private purposes of a user. The same applies to any form of reproduction, translation, storage and processing in electronic systems.

The laws of the Principality of Liechtenstein apply.